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For retailers. For businesses. For shoppers. Get the most out of
this much-anticipated day with a prime location on the Internet.

It's the biggest shopping day of the year and the beginning of the holiday shopping season: Black Friday, the day following Thanksgiving in the United States. Winning big on Black Friday is all about timing and easy access. And there is no better place to serve customers quickly, at all hours of the day, and in droves, than on the Internet.

Online shoppers are bargain hunters. The transparency of the Web has made it possible for consumers to instantly compare prices at multiple stores and share their shopping experiences with each other. In the rush of Black Friday frenzy, it is essential that online retailers find ways to make their deals stand out.

.blackfriday will become the recognized label for websites with worthwhile deals and specials on this renowned shopping day. Internet users and retailers will benefit from an online hub for Black Friday information, ads, and deals. It will open up opportunities for creative marketing and unique shopping experiences that will make this day even more legendary.

Businesses that set up shop on the .blackfriday domain will capture the attention of shoppers and get more out of the day. When every shopping moment counts, consumers will jump at this opportunity to quickly identify the worthy online shopping destinations on Black Friday.

As brick-and-mortar stores and online retailers look for new ways to showcase themselves online, .blackfriday will become an important part of their marketing toolkit to fully capitalize on this opportunity that only comes once a year.

Behind the Name

Great sounding names, paired with proficient stewardship, are destined to become the leading gTLD alternatives on the Internet. That's why it is a good thing that .blackfriday is backed by Uniregistry. Our registrants will know they are getting much more than just a name:

  • Future Stability & Industry Leadership: Consistent, ongoing growth and promotion of the gTLD.
  • Peace of Mind: The absolute best technical infrastructure and systems.
  • Freedom & Fairness: Neutral management with predictable, egalitarian pricing.

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Our Vision for the .blackfriday Domain

More meaning packed into a
single domain name.

While some may find it difficult to imagine owning a domain name ending in anything but .com, we are at the beginning of a revolution that will change the way people browse the Internet. Unprecedented opportunities are on the horizon with the introduction of new specialty gTLDs like .blackfriday. Web users will come to expect more intuitive naming online, while registrants will gain access to a whole new selection of meaningful name options that are much more relevant to their brand.

Uniregistry is at the forefront of this movement, investing in these possibilities to help them become a reality.

Steady, continuous growth and prosperity.

This is a unique, one-time opportunity to establish a great name in a new space on the Internet. With proper stewardship and execution, the .blackfriday top level domain will result in better experiences for consumers, exciting new marketing possibilities for businesses, and, ultimately, a thriving online environment for the industry as a whole.

Uniregistry is dedicated to the long-term success of the .blackfriday domain, and we are one of the very few organizations in the Internet naming space today that have the right combination of experience, passion, and infrastructure required to deliver on this vision.

Why does the world need the .blackfriday TLD?

The .com space is exhausted of meaningful names. Perform a quick attempt to find a domain for a new venture, and you will immediately see how Internet naming, as it stands today, is limiting the creation of new brands. We are forced to a) restrict our brand name based on the remaining available .com names, b) seek out a name in the unpredictable secondary market, or c) settle for a mediocre domain name that threatens our visibility and credibility on the Internet.

As an increasingly tech-savvy population continues to find new ways to connect and do business online, good names will only get more and more difficult come by. New, specialized gTLDs, like .. blackfriday, are the answer. They will introduce a whole new realm of highly relevant and intuitive naming alternatives for registrants to tap into.

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The Benefits of Owning a .blackfriday Domain

Right time, right place.

Online visibility that really speaks
to your audience.

Domain registrants getting lost in the realm of larger TLD spaces can now establish a credible online presence for their brand in this new space. The .blackfriday domain name is more relevant to web users looking for the hottest new products or information. Your visitors will instantly understand what your site is all about, allowing you to bypass one of the biggest challenges faced by website owners today: attracting audiences that are genuinely interested in your offering.

How about a good night’s sleep?

Peace of mind and a stress-free user experience that you can take for granted.

The technical infrastructure and support behind the .blackfriday domain is truly unmatched in terms of reliability and security. Uniregistry’s systems are designed and co-maintained by the Internet Systems Consortium (ISC) - the operators of the Internet’s F-Root server and authors of the software running 85% of DNS services worldwide.

This rock-solid technology foundation will be paired with superior ease of use and user interfaces to help registrants administer their names.

Just show up. No hoop-jumping.

Fair, predictable pricing and
open access for registrants.

After an initial sunrise period for brand owners, .blackfriday names will be made available to registrants on a first-come, first-served basis. We are committed to offering an egalitarian pricing structure and fixed renewal costs to our registrants. Uniregistry is a neutral domain operator, and does not provide any preferential opportunities.

Why are we committing to this? Our years of experience in Internet naming have proven to us that the most successful namespaces are born from predictable, even-handed governance.

The Uniregistry commitment.

Backed by the Internet's leading technology and naming experts, we have the resources, the vision, and the expertise to establish the .blackfriday domain as the leading specialty TLD for the industry.

Uniregistry is developing new territory for businesses on the Internet. We want to make these names freely available to all. You will not find a more experienced registry dedicated to the ongoing, long-term success of its gTLDs.

"Uniregistry holds itself to the highest level of responsibility and technical efficacy. With the amount of vision, talent, and experience we have on this team, there is no doubt that we can rise to the occasion. Our top-level domains are going to be the most registrant-centric, well-managed names on the market."

– Frank Schilling, Managing Director

Proficient, registrant-centered stewardship for a thriving .blackfriday community.

Every aspect of Uniregistry has been meticulously built with the long-term health and prosperity of our namespaces in mind. Under the management of Uniregistry, the .blackfriday gTLD will experience significant growth, success, and stability.

We are a team of passionate naming and technology experts building the next wave of destinations for businesses to exist on the Internet.

Our Purpose:

Uniregistry is dedicated to supporting the prosperity of our registrants through the responsible and proficient stewardship of the Internet’s best top-level domain alternatives.

Our Vision:

We imagine an intuitive and reliable experience across the Internet for both site users and site creators; equal access to unique, meaningful domain names; and world-class infrastructure for all businesses and individuals.


Our Values:

  • Liberty & Fairness – A transparent, egalitarian society in which opportunities are endless and equally available to all registrants.
  • Responsible Stewardship – Everything we do is for the present and future good of the Internet, the naming industry, and our registrants.
  • Technical Excellence – Providing unmatched reliability and security of infrastructure to our customers.
  • Ease & Simplicity – The endless, unyielding pursuit of simpler, more seamless user experiences and product implementations.